Privacy is a matter of trust and we value your trust. We respect your privacy. Therefore we are keeping to the legal provisions when processing your personal information. You can visit our online store without providing any personal information, unless of course you’ve used a username and password to log in. You can print or save a copy of this document using the standard features of your web program or browser (for example, by selecting “File”-“Save As” ...).

Data registration and use

Order: your data will be recorded, stored and processed by us for the purpose of executing your order and any subsequent warranty as well as for the purpose of our service. In executing your order, the hereby engaged service providers (carriers, logistics companies and banks) will receive the necessary information. 

Customer login: your order data is indeed stored by us but cannot be obtained directly from us due to safety reasons. Every customer who registers for this purpose however, will be given instant access with a password. This allows you to view the information about your placed, open and/or recently shipped orders, address, bank details and newsletter. The customer is obliged to handle personal access information confidentially by not making it available to unauthorized third parties. We are not liable for the unauthorized use of passwords, unless the abuse is attributable to us.

Advertising: we use your information for advertising purposes, i.e. information about products from our offer. We hereby only use e-mail advertising, to the extent permitted by law or authorized by you.

Other data registration and other use: Website and newsletter: when you visit our website, certain data will be recorded and stored. For the purpose of the system´s safety, the domain name or the IP address of the computer to which the stored request originates will be saved temporarily. This data shall be erased after seven days at the latest. Even entered data, the date of the request, the HTTP response code and website from which the computer is on our website and the amount of transmitted data (bytes) are recorded and stored. For distributing our newsletter we use the “double opt-in” system. This means that we only send a newsletter when you confirm that we need to activate the newsletter service by clicking on   the link in our e-mail confirmation. And we also use your personal information to comply with the applicable laws and regulations.


Accepting cookies is not obliged to visit our website. We would like to emphasize, however, that the use of the shopping cart function and ordering products is only possible when cookies are accepted.

What are cookies?
Cookies and Flash cookies are small files, which are stored by your browser on your computer, exchanging certain settings and data with our system.

Which cookies are used by us?
Most of the cookies used by us will be automatically deleted from your hard disk after the end of the browser session (hence the name, session cookies). In addition, we also use cookies that remain on your hard drive. On your next visit they will automatically recognize that you have already visited our site, which data you have entered and which settings you prefer.

Compliance statement

I agree to the use of so-called cookies, and hence my data being collected, stored and used. Furthermore, I agree that my data will remain stored even after the browser session and that it can be opened again during my next session on the website. I have the right to withdraw this compliance statement at any time by refusing cookies in my browser settings.

How can I prevent cookies from being stored?
You can enable to accept cookies only when approved in your browser settings. If you only want to accept our cookies, but not those of our service providers and partners (third party), you can disable the “Accept third party cookies” setting in your browser (Firefox) or tick off the “Block” option under “Indirect cookies” (Explorer 8).

Log files

Every time you visit the Bene-Lux Jewels bv pages, usage data is sent to our system and stored in log files, the so-called server log files, by the respective browser. The corresponding stored data records contain following information: date and time of opening the page, the name of the opened page, IP address, referrer URL, the amount of transferred data as well as information about the product and the browser version.

I agree that Bene-Lux Jewels bv analyzes the data stored in the so-called protocol data files to optimize the web store and its use.

We may use the automatically collected information for a number of purposes, such as improving our site design, product assortments, customer service, and special promotions.

Safe data transfer

Your personal information will be sent safely and encrypted by us. This applies to your order as well as to the customer login. We hereby use the SSL coding system (Secure Socket Layer). Although no one can guarantee absolute safety, we are protecting our website and other systems through technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, use, modification or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. 

Right to information and other rights

According to the applicable privacy laws, our customers can request to correct, complete, remove or block the access to the stored data and – if applicable – their personal data. With respect to the provision and use of your data in the context of the creditworthiness assessment, we provide to you upon request per case generally clear and understandable information about:

  • the probability values calculated within the last six months before receipt of the information request or stored for the first time;
  • the nature of the data used in the calculation of the probability values;
  • and the creation and meaning of the probability values, in each case and in a generally comprehensible form.

Secure payment environment

You can pay securely due to the SSL connection. This means that a 1 on 1 connection is made with one of our payment providers.

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